How it works?

How to create a note?
1. Compose a note and configure the encryption parameters to generate a link.
2. Share the generated link with your intended recipient.
3. The note will automatically self-destruct after being read by the recipient.

You have the option to manually create a password to encrypt the note, select an alternative algorithm for link generation, and enable features such as SHA-256 checksum and advanced encryption for added security.
Do you work in Tor network?
Yes, CryptoNote.Ai operates seamlessly within TOR network (.onion).
Please note that we have only one onion domain for this network, everything else is fake.

Onion URL: http://cryptonotexeva3yhi6joiybvy6bijocgcz3w7huqocly5wk22sfqdqd.onion
What is an SHA-256 checksum
An SHA-256 checksum is a combination of numbers and letters that allows you to verify the integrity of your note by comparing it to the original. A mere variation of a single character leads to a distinctly dissimilar checksum.

For further information regarding cryptographic hash function and the secure hash algorithm, you can refer to Wikipedia or other web resources.
What is an id generation algorithm?
This feature allows you to select one of the suggested ID generation algorithms, enhancing your note`s security
What can I do if I regret sending the note or mistakenly send it to someone, I didn`t intend to share it with?
Simply paste the link into your browser`s URL bar. When the note is accessed, it will either self-destruct automatically or you can click the Destroy Immediately button. If the recipient attempts to access the note using the same link, a message will appear notifying them that the note has already been read.
Is CryptoNote.Ai truly anonymous and secure?
We firmly affirm that CryptoNote.Ai is a free service designed to facilitate the transmission of confidential notes that self-destruct after being read by the recipient. To ensure maximum security and anonymity for our users, we employ advanced encryption technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms. It`s important to note that our service does not store any user data, or the information entered on the website.
What is advanced encryption?
Advanced encryption refers to the utilization of an additional encryption algorithm applied to data that is already encrypted. It`s important to note that enabling this setting may impact the storage duration and require additional decryption time when accessing the note for viewing. However, it ensures an extra layer of security for your note.
How can I send my note?
CryptoNote.Ai provides you with a link to your note. You simply need to copy and send or share that link with the intended recipient who should read the note.
The recipient can copy and paste the note, so it doesn`t actually self-destruct, right?
Right. However, it`s not possible to prevent the recipient from taking a screen shot or memorizing the note. That`s why CryptoNote.Ai doesn`t aim to prevent the recipient from copying the note. Our primary focus is to ensure that the note remains unread by anyone until it reaches the intended recipient and that it is not accessed by anyone thereafter. It is ultimately the recipient`s sole responsibility to decide what they do with the note.
Is it possible to view a recently read note using the browser`s history, the back button, or the recently closed tabs feature?
No, once a note has been read and self-destructed, there is no way to re-access or re-read it. The self-destruction feature ensures that the note cannot be retrieved or viewed again after it has been read.
How long are unread notes stored on your servers?
All unread notes are automatically deleted after a period of 30 days.